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silver hill

1st Snow 2017

On the late evening of Thursday, December 7th 2017 the first real snowflakes of the year began falling around North Monaghan and when we awoke on Friday morning, everywhere was covered with three inches of snow. There was panic stations in places as people decided whether or not to go to work, to school, to Mass, to town or to where ever. There were bursts of snow falls during the day but the winter sun had softened the hardened snow and it was slush in most places. However a cold freeze was setting in during the evening and it looks like we could have a sharp frost leading to severe conditions for travellers. It is a time to take it easy and no rushing or indeed going anywhere that you don't rely need to go. Safe driving to everyone. Below I have a couple of scenes taken today to let people abroad see what it looks like here.

This one is 'One Way Traffic'.