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silver hill

The EDA has continued to represent the area with the statutory bodies and pressed for necessary developments. It has also carried out the following work:

           Produced Information Leaflets and Brochures on the area.

       Organised guided tours of the interesting places including the McKenna, Carleton and PEI connections.

          Launched and maintain this Web-site.

       In Summer 1998 Moira Treanor and Edel Treanor were employed to carry out an Inventory of         Memorials in the Cemetery at St. Patrick’s Church, Corracrin.

    In Summer 1999 Amelia Murphy compiled a House by House census of the village and researched previous occupiers of the houses on Main Street.

         Produced and launched an Audio Tape of the Heritage Tour with accompanying literature.

         Consulted with Monaghan County Council at various times to bring about improvements through the Village Enhancement Scheme.

     Assisted the Council to draw up a Local Action Plan for the Village as part of the County Development Plan 2001. This was done by organising public meetings and with the asistance of Facilitator, Mary Wright, Caledon, an Action Plan for Emyvale was submitted to the Council. Patrick Callery, Donagh Development Association, and John Finn, Lakeview Residents Association, contributed greatly to this process.

The following books on Emyvale have been published:

‘A Film of the Mind’ - selected poems by Charles McCluskey.

‘Emyvale GAA Club - a History’ - by Seamus McCluskey (1984).

‘Emyvale Leisure Centre Official Opening’ - edited by Peadar McMahon (May 1985).

‘Emyvale Sweet Emyvale’ - by Seamus McCluskey (1986).

‘Pairc N.Oilbhear Pluinceid Official Opening’ - Emyvale GAA Club (August 1990).

‘Emyvale - McKenna Country’ - by Seamus McCluskey (1996 and revised 1999).


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