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silver hill

August Art Network Showcase

The last Wednesday of every month brings me a big surprise as I see the line up for the Art Network Showcase and August was no different. Unfortunately I was unable to attend but I got some images from Gregory and Paula to show some of the happenings of the night in the Markethouse on Wednesday August 31st. The first act listed was Drumully Arts consisting of the Emerald Isle Bouquets by Ann McKenna and the photography of Robert Tull. Ann has displayed her art talent previously at Spectrum exhibitions. Now however she is producing brooch bridal bouquets which are ideal for those brides who want to keep their Bouquets as a family heirloom. She had a number of items for brides and wedding on display and attracted great interest. Robert spoke of his art which he began when he was 13 years of age. Originally working in B/W and doing his own printing he has moved with the times and works digitally with a range of cameras covering a range of topics and subject matter but always looking for the humour and oddness of each. Next on the list was Michael Glass accompanied by Michael McKenna. Michael Glass is a singer song-writer from Monaghan. He began in a successful Rock and Roll band but now sings mainly his own compositions. He now lives and performs in London. Ruairi Crawley is studying Graphic design which covers a multitude of disciplines from spatial design to web design and all in between. He was been involved inmany projects locally and beyond and uses the media to find solutions to diverse and complex problems. The fourth artist listed was Patricia Vallely from Derrynoose who plays and sings traditional music and song. Her parents, Pete and Kathleen, were well know musicians and singers and through their influence Patricia has carried on the family talent. She has played with Reel to Reel and has recorded a number of songs with them. She teaches music and song at classes in Monaghan and Armagh and many of her pupils have achieved all Ireland recognition. She loves passing on the tradition to young people and her daughter, Meabh, is one of her talented pupils. It was a great night by all accounts and very informative and enjoyable.