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silver hill

Quiz for Autism Centre

It is only in recent years that the condition of Autism has been accepted and research carried out to develop methods of treatment and dealing with its symptoms. Autism Centres have been developed in many areas and people have been trained in treatment methods and in general there has been efforts made to help people recognise the symptoms and to understand the condition. When the new Centre for Turagh Special Needs was being planned they organisers, with great foresight, decided to include an Autism Centre and to make it accessible to others without having to use the Main Building entrance. A lot of specialised equipment is essential for the Unit and parents and friends organised a Table Quiz in St. Mellans on Friday, March 24th to help purchase some of the equipment. Peter Keenan acted as Quizmaster and kept the fun going as a big number turned out to support the event and enjoy the night. Well done to all involved and to all who participated and to those who made donations.