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silver hill

Ballyoisin National School of old

A number of archive photos have come to me and we hope to put them up here and get some help to identify the pupils and the year of the photo. Please help if you can by emailing us here

Here is another Ballyoisin photo from the 1940’s but what year and who are the missing names?

Back - Master Paddy Smyth, Una Watterson, Peadar McGeough, Peter McMeel, John Colton, Brian Corrigan, Sean Treanor, Seamus McKenna, Mairead Corrigan.

Middle: Veronica McGeough, Rita Kavanagh, Teresa Gormley, Teresa Byrnes, Mary McKenna, Peggy Treanor, Marie Kavanagh, Ann McKenna, Rosie Corrigan, Veronica McMeel.

Front - Pat Corrigan, Sean Columb, Willie McKenna, Ownie Hackett, Malachy Treanor.


Alternative names for two pupils in the above Photo have come in - The person on the right of John Colton in Back Row is Paddy Lavery and not Brian Corrigan and the girl in the middle row which is named as Mary McKenna is actually May Lavery. Anyone throw any light on this?? It has been confirmed that the female in the Middle row is indeed Mary McKenna. Thanks Carmel.

The first photo can be accessed by clicking HERE.

What is the year and can you get the names of any of those in the photo?