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silver hill
U12 Girls

Blackwater Steelers 23pts Drogheda Sparks 5ts
A great win against the Sparks to start the weekend off to a good start. 9 – 0 and 6 – 0 in the first two quarters set the tone and practically won the game for the Steelers. The 2nd half was a little more even but the Steelers were always in charge. Team & Scorers: E. McGinnity 5pts, S. Healy 4pts, A. McCormack 4pts, C. Nally 4pts, N. McQuaid 2pts, L. Lennon 2pts, C. O Neil 2pts, A. Trainor, S. O Donald, D. Marron and D. Cawley.

The U12 girls won by a brilliant 33pts to 6pts and the U 16 won by 46pts to 44pts on their visit to Drogheda.

Streete Warriors 10pts Blackwater Steelers 24pts
The U 12 girls got the ball rolling with a win against a depleted Streete team. They played well throughout with some nice passages of play. Well done girls. Team & Scorers: D. Cawley, L. Lennon, N.McQuaid, S. O Donnell 2pts, A. Trainor 4pts, C. Nally 2pts, A. Bogue 4pts, K. Fanning 6pts, C. O Neil 4pts and  D. Marron 2pts.

Blackwater Steelers 11pts Carrick Cruisers 22pts
Carrick Cruisers were clearly the better team in this match, they led from start to finish. The Steelers didn’t bring the good form they have shown in previous matches to the court today. Team & Scorers: S Healy 1pt, S. O Donnell, E. McGinnity, A. Bogue 3pts, A. McCormack 1pt, D. Cawley 4pts, L. Lennon, C. O Neil 2pts, D. Marron, A. Trainor, C. Nally and K. Farmer.

Liby Dynamites 18pts Blackwater Steelers 19pts
The U 12 girls came away with a great win after a very close match with Libby. They passed the ball much better than they have been doing and the coaches Deirdre Smyth and Brenda Trainor said they very happy with the way they played. Team & Scorers: S. Healy 6pts, S. McDonnell, E. McGinnity, K. Fagan, A. Bogue 2pts, A. McCormack 9pts, N. McQuaid, L. Lennon, C. O Neil, D. Marron, A. Trainor 2pts and K. Farmer 1pt.

Some pictures from the V Lakers game can be seen HERE