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silver hill
U16  Boys

Drogheda Bullets 46pts Blackwater Steelers 27pts
This was only the 2nd defeat of the season for the U 16 lads but it was a heavy defeat to a very physically strong Drogheda. The Drogheda lads are huge compared to the Steeler boys with a lot of them playing up at 17 and 18 levels too. However the Steelers made it very difficult for them throughout the game. Team and Scorers: Ben Ryan 9pts, R. Corrigan 7pts, K. Hackett 3pts, A. Stewart 2pts, K. Ostrowski 2pts, C. Liddle 2pts, T. O Rourke 2pts, M. Curley, L. McKenna, L. Conway and C. Mulligan.

Streete Warriors 26pts Blackwater Steelers 57pts
This was a good performance from the 16 boys and a good result. Streete had no answer to the speed and accuracy of the Steeler boys and the Monaghan men led from start to finish. It went 18-8, 4-13, 5-10 and 16-9 through the quarters, dominating throughout. There are tougher games on the horizon.  Team & Scorers: Ben Ryan 20pts, Alister Stewart 12pts, Cameron Liddle 8pts, Liam McKenna 8pts, Rio Corrigan 5pts, Kelvin Hackett 3pts, Kacper Ostrowski 1pt, Conor Mulligan, Lui Shiels, Liam Conway and Tiarnan O Rourke.

Blackwater Steelers 75pts Cavan Lakers 43pts
The U 16 Boys were humming like a sweetly tuned engine when they played the Lakers. They did all the damage in the first two quarters with some wonderful play and some brilliant finishing. Ben, Cameron and Alister were in top form in offence and they punished the Lakers without mercy. The defence is working as a real unit no matter who’s on the floor and so much of the offence comes from real good defence. Hopefully this will continue for the remainder of the games. Team & Scorers: Ben Ryan 22pts, Cameron Liddle 16pts, Alister Stewart 16pts, Matthew Curley 6pts, Kelvin Hackett 4pts, Liam McKenna 3pts, Rio Corrigan 2pts, Tiarnan O Rourke 2pts, Lui Shiels 2pts, R. Murphy 2pts, Kacper Ostrowski and Conor Mulligan.

Blackwater Steelers 42pts Dundalk Ravens 60pts If you have a 6ft 7inh U 15 on your team you have a distinct advantage and Dundalk did, they also have a good point guard and some other nice shooters. They went 23pts to 13pts in the first quarter as we tried to figure out how to play against him.  Dundalk won the 2nd and the 3rd as we struggled to deal with their power and physicality and as they eased off a little in the last the Steelers scored more easily. I would predict we have just played the League Winners for the coming season. Team and Scorers: Cameron Liddle 13pts, Liam Conway 8pts, Alister Stewart 7pts, Ben Ryan 6pts, Matthew Curley 4pts, Rio Corrigan 2pts, Kasper Ostrowski 2pts, Liam McKenna, Che Treanor, Tiarnan O Rourke, Conor Mulligan and Jamie Lopez.

Blackwater Steelers 51pts Dunshaughlin Rockets 16pts
This was a mismatch really with the Steelers far too strong for the opposition, having said that though the Steeler boys played extremely well especially in the first. The home side won all 4 quarters for their 2nd win of the season.
Team: L. McKenna 2pts, R. Murphy 4pts, K. Hackett 4pts, C. Liddle 10pts, R. Corrigan 4pts, T. O Rourke 2pts, K. Ostrowski 4pts, B. Ryan 10pts, C. Mulligan, L. Conway 2pts, A. Stewart 5pts, M. Curley 2pts.