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silver hill

Big Breakfast in Truagh

On Sunday, June 10th there was a Big Breakfast in St. Mellans and it was very well supported. It was a joint effort between the Club and Truagh Special Needs. The people in the Kitchen had a tough job cooking and cleaning for the big crowd who turned out but they managed superbly and everyone was content with the quality and amount of the breakfast menu on the plate. Of course the amount was a personal choice as each person could select the items for his meal but judging from the full plates going to table few passed on any of the ingredients and judging by the empty plates going back to the kitchen, a few pounds were added to the body weight for many. Still it was all in a good cause and the Health and Well-being committee will soon help them to lose the weight again. I enjoyed my breakfast as well - good food and good company are hard to beat. Some of those who dined around the same time as myself are pictured below.

The funds collected by the Big Breakfast is shared by the Football Club and the Errigal Truagh Special Needs. The Special Needs share of €1,200 was handed over in the Centre this week. Claire McGinn made the presentation and Finbarr Keenan accepted on behalf of the Centre. Michael Treanor and Michael Todd were present representing Truagh Gaels. Well done everyone.