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Boxers Triumph

Once again the young boxers of the Emyvale Boxing Club have brought honours to themselevs and their club with fine victories at Ulster level and have now qualified for the All-Ireland series which will take place in the National Stadium in Dublin. First of all Oisin Treanor, boxing in the 46Kg weight, will participate in the National finals at the weekend. He qualified by winning the Ulster final. In the semi-final he defeated Nathan Horgan with a unanimous decision and then faced Ryan Downey, from the Cashel Vale Club , in the final. Ryan was the 2014 National Champion but once again Oisin showed great determination throughout the bout and succeeded in getting another unanimous decision. This is his 4th title at this level and we wish him ever success in the final. Dylan Sherry was boxing in the 33Kg Boy 2 weight and in the Mid-Ulster semi-final he met Dermot Purcell from the St. John's Bosco club in Newry and was successful putting him into the final against Nathan McDonagh from the Two Castles Boxing Club, Newtownstewart. This was a tough bout but Dylan used his talents to take the title. On Sunday then he won the Ulster title with a great win over Cormac Hall from Dunfanaghy and so will proceed now to the All-Ireland series. Aaron Treanor was in the 37.5 Boy 3 weight and in the Mid-Ulster semi-final he defeated Dylan McDonagh and had a terrific victory over Kaylon Finnegan from Silverbridge in the Final. He also won the Ulster final by default as there was no opposition at this weight. Kaylin Geary was in the 33Kg Girl 2 weight and was awarded the Ulster title with a Walk-Over as there was no opposition at this weight.  Her All-Ireland final will be in May. We wish them all every success and this is a mighty result for the Emyvale Club and is a consequence of the great work being done by the coaches and trainers in the club. Well done to you all.