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silver hill

Bragan National School 1928

Bragan school pupils and teachers 1928


Top row  left to right nicknames: Master Smyth, Cassie Myles, Mary Smyth, Hughie Myles, John Rafferty ,P. John Roe, Packy Connolly, Benny Smyth, Biddy McMahon, Lily Myles , Ellen Yankee, Mary  A. Fad  Wyles, Mary Connolly,


2nd Row from top L to R: Packie James Pat, Mary Anne James Pat, Mollie Coyle, Sarah Barney, Susanne Myles, Annie  Felix, Packy Coyle, John Brian, Tommie Coyle, Owen Smyth Frank Myles, ? Briney,  Rosette Peadar, K McKenna,  Suzanne Halligan


3rd Row L to R: , P. Pat Barney, Annie Pat Barney, Nan Smyth, Mary Hackett, Casie Arthur (standing)  Mary Felix, Ellen Peter Brian, Mary Briney,  Cassie Flood, Eileen Felix, Annie McElroy, Peter Myles, Kathleen Peadar


Front Row L to R: Cassie Peter Brian, Mary Anne Myles (Sherry)still alive  , Annie Hughes, Luke Pat John, Mickey Ban, Cassie Pat Jack(Carbin)still alive  ,Maggie Ban,  Annie Big Pat, Annie Myles, Owenie Peter Brian, Tommy Elliot.


These are the names as given to me - do you know different? Let me know.