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silver hill

Castle Leslie's 25th

The history of Castle Leslie in Glaslough goes back to 1665 and the history of the Leslie family much further back and through all the centuries that history has been a remarkable and intriguing story. Its fame was known all over the world and celebrities in the world of Art, the world of politics and the world of music spent time in the Castle and loved its beauty and its other worldly setting. The troubles in Ireland, the downturn of the economy and the changing expectations of people combined to make the maintenance of the Castle a very difficult if not impossible task with the result that it lost its glamour and fell into disrepair. In 1991 Sammy was handed the reins and immediately she began what has been a massive renovation and renewal of the Castle. In 1992 she began with Tea-rooms, which in turn produced the income to allow her to go on to the next project of repairing the roof and then the bedrooms and the kitchen and simultaneously the gardens, the Hunting Lodge and the Equestrian Centre. Then the wedding began and Paul McCartney and Heather Mills decided on Castle Leslie as their wedding venue and Castle Leslie was seen the world over and could never be the same again. Now it is a mecca for visitors from all over the world. Through the last 25 years Sammy would claim that it could not have happened were it not for the wonderful, faithful and hard-working staff employed in the Castle, most of whom were from the locality and had a great sense of loyalty to the Leslie family and the Castle. As a way of recognising the input of these employees and to say 'Thank you' Sammy decided to have a celebration with afternoon tea and this was held on Wednesday, May 10th 2017. Former workers and friends were invited to the Castle and it was a fantastic reunion of people with their own stories and all with great memories of their time in the Castle. The loyalty of the staff was evident from the huge number of  former staff who returned and the close bond of friendship between them. It was a fabulous occasion and the Castle was looking resplendent in the beautiful summer weather. Sammy thanked everyone who had helped in any way to develop the Castle over the past 25 years and she cut a specially made cake in a traditional Leslie way. The event will be a great and lasting memory for all who attended.