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silver hill

New Cemetery Consecrated.

On Sunday, October 1st 2017 Monsignor Joseph McGuinness, Diocesan Administrator, attended at St. Mary's Church, Glennan, and celebrated the 10.00am Mass. During his homily he described the Liturgy of what was to happen in the New Cemetery after Mass. He said he was honoured to have been asked to perform the consecration and thanked Parish Priest, Fr. Hubert, for the invitation. He spoke of the Irish custom of funeral and burial rites and , as Fr. Hubert himself said recently, the Catholic faith will survive on the devotion people have for the dead and the afterlife. He hoped that the New Cemetery, adjacent to the Church, would be a place of peace, a place where tears would be shed and heavy hearts comforted. He also hoped that when people looked at the plot of a grave they would realise the futility of family and/or neighbourly divisions and rancour over land ownership as the plot is where we will all end up. After Mass Fr. Hubert led the congregation to the Cemetery followed by Monsignor McGuinness. There we were greeted by the haunting whistle playing of Jamie Duffy. Prayers were read and Monsignor consecrated and blessed the cemetery and hymns were led by the church choir. The weather was atrocious with rain and wind but that did not take away from the solemnity of the occasion. Fr. Hubert thanked all who had been involved in the purchase and preparation of the cemetery and all who had participated in the ceremony. It was noted at that stage that a herd of cattle in the adjoining field had gathered at the ditch and displayed a keen interest in what was going on but did not interrupt. As soon as the ceremony came to a close with the final hymn the congregation scattered quickly to find a drier place to be.


It was announced on the day that pre-booking of plots would not be available and plots could only be acquired as needed booked. This is to avoid some of the problems that have arisen with pre-booking in  the past.