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Its A Changing World

Oh but Trump caused a big surprise, or did he? When one considers how the electorate here in Ireland have used their votes in the past two elections and when one looks at the Brexit vote in England and when we look at what is happening in other European countries I think there is a clear message to politicians everywhere – you are not being accepted by the ordinary citizens. Many people have decided that politicians are favouring the big businesses and the big money people and doing their bidding so that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and the number of poor is increasing.  Are we going to see more ‘Trumps’ in the year ahead where existing politicians are not in tune with the citizens?

History tells us what happens when the ruling class forget about the humble citizen trying to work for a decent living but screwed at every turn to pay for the elaborate life style of a few. They eventually revolt and what follows is not nice. The threatened Strikes and discontent among the working classes is a clear indication that all is not well and when politicians give themselves a rise in pay while telling everyone else that there is no money, the result is anger and dissatisfaction. Add to that the harrowing stories and images we get daily where violence is the answer to any conflict and any disagreement and we must conclude that we are living in dangerous times and that civilisation is living on a knife-edge and human life is now worthless in too many minds.

The growth of the rich has raised the expectations of all and all are clamouring to be better than the neighbour and to have more and more, and become willing to do whatever it takes to get what they want. God, to whom our forefathers always turned when times were tough and help needed, has been driven out of so many lives. We change our culture to suit others and in order not to offend we hide all trappings of our religion and/or discard them completely from our lives. Many seem to think that they are all-powerful on their own and do not need help from God or man.  

The horrific instruction issued by the HSE to nursing staff in hospitals that they are to use ‘minimum force’ to get patients out of beds when they are regarded as ‘trespassers’ says so much about the organisation appointed to run our health services. How caring is that instruction coming from what should be a caring organisation. How much compassion for the sick, the elderly and the poor does this instruction display? Where is the humanity when someone thinks like that of the sick? One asks if it is any wonder that our health services are not working when such instructions can be issued by someone in charge.

Our health services are too much about money, balances, economics, promotion, pen-pushing, briefcases, profits, while the stressed and meagre frontline staff are left, without the sufficient resources, to provide the care, compassion and treatment to the patients, whether in a bed or on a trolley.  Monaghan Hospital was a good hospital but they frightened the public to think it was so unsafe and the downgraded it. Now it is estimated that about 500 people are dying each year because of the overcrowding problems in hospitals and little is being done to stop it. Our politicians must to take on and face up to the people, organisations, corporations or the big businesses that are driving this agenda just as they took on the ordinary people of places like Monaghan and removed essential services from their hospitals and caused chaos in what they referred to as ‘Centres of Excellence’. Now they are building another Centre of Excellence, which is badly needed but the agendas driving this must be questioned. Why put a building like this into the centre of a city already log-jammed and grid-locked most of the time instead of an open space like at Connolly Hospital. The best experts say that a Maternity Centre of Excellence beside the Childrens’ Hospital is most important and would be most beneficial. Where at St. James’s will they build the Maternity Centre? It does not make sense but if you have a vested interest.  It did not take our politicians long to decide on giving themselves a pay rise – could they fast track a few decisions to improve our health services?

Now we hear that the Government is increasing the Health Insurance levy by 10% - how out of touch is that? People are struggling to pay the present cost of Health Insurance and unless you have a high level of cover you will extra bills to pay out of your own pocket. Our politicians have given themselves an increase in salary so they can pay the extra charges for Health Insurance but what about those on middle and low income who have been screwed at every turn? The Government will take €444 for every adult covered and what will they do with it? They expect the Insurance companies to absorb the increase and not pass it on to consumer – not a chance – they are there to make profit, not to take pity on people. The Government should be the one taking pity. Why does the Government not just increase income tax? By having a Health levy Government needs an Administration of public servants to look after the collection of the money from the Health Companies. More strands to Government and more big salaries to be paid. Revenue could collect the extra tax at no extra cost. However, with the increase in premium fewer people will be able to afford Health Insurance and will fall back on the public system, which cannot cope with demands at the moment and will be snowed under completely if the numbers using the system increases. As well the extra money collected by Government will be tossed into all the black holes we have, especially in the Health Service, and we will still be without a proper service.  They are way out of touch with the ordinary man.