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DKIT Open Days: DkIT Open days  2017 - All welcome . For more information,  please click on the following link  

“Make Your Céile”:  The Health and Wellbeing officer with Scotstown GAA Club has launched a novel idea which I think should be extended all over the country and I would be surprised if other organisations did not take it on and promote it too. Its very simple really but the effects are far-reaching: SCOTSTOWN GAA Health and Wellbeing Invites you to: “Make Your Céile” any time between Sun 29th Oct – Sun  5th Nov. Don’t put it off any longer to go visit that someone who’s on your mind, neighbour, old friend, new baby, someone on their own. We are inviting  young  and old  from all over Tydavnet  parish to get involved in a ‘Chairde Week’.   Don’t make ceiling a thing of the past!  More details on   Modern technology and the demands of modern fast living has cut us off from too many people and has ruined the art of conversation. It is time we all re-connected with each other as human beings and not just as a stylus touch pen for a phone or iPad. There is someone out there who is waiting for you to contact them, to call with them personally, to have a chat, to listen to each other and there is someone you know you should go and see and there is someone out there who should get in contact with you. Why don't you make the first move. In the years not too long ago everyone looked out for everyone else, people went on their ceili, people talked to each other face to face, people did not feel so alone because a friend was close by and would call. This is a marvellous idea that has been launched by Bernie Sherry for the Scotstown GAA club but I'm sure she would be delighted if a club, organisation, group or even one person from another area followed her invitation and went on 'their Ceili'. Well done Bernie and I hope this takes off as it is one of the best ideas that has come this way in a long time.


St Vincent De Paul: We are offering a third level grant to any student who is in need of financial  support. Please contact any of our members or phone the number below for a form. Also we are here to help any person or family struggling with bill payments or back to school expenses. We are also available for house visitation. If any of the elderly or sick person or indeed anyone feeling isolated would like us to visit, please call any of the phone numbers. Local number : 085 730 6434; National number :1800 677 777.

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