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Clones Michaela Foundation Summer Camp for Girls this summer will take place from the 16th-20th July. We are currently recruiting both volunteers for camp and campettes to attend camp. Volunteering positions are available in the fun, faith, fashion, wellbeing and failte elements. Volunteers must be aged 17+, male or female. Girls attending camp must be aged 11-13 at the start of camp.
Volunteer applications can be made at: with more info about roles at:

Campette registration for 11-13 year old girls at

Road Disruption: Click HERE if you would like to read a letter to landowners along the road from Corracrin to Emyvale giving details of the work and regarding the disruption to traffic which will ensue. I suppose there is no progress without some pain and we know from experience what is in store for us over the next 18 months - we may not like it but suffer it we must.
However Emyvale Development Association requested public representatives to demand that an ambulance be sited at the Health Centre at the Emyvale Enterprise Centre during the road works in order to ensure a faster response in times of emergency for the people of North Monaghan. Last time when the road works were ongoing there was supposed to be exceptions made for the emergency services to get through but on at least one occasion this was not possible and the delay in getting to the patient could have ended with a fatality. We don't want any close shaves this time and to help avoid that we ask that an ambulance be stationed in the area. If this request is refused we will be watching very carefully what happens and we hope that the public will keep a check on ambulance times and it is time that people are held responsible when things go wrong.


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