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Emyvale District Credit Union Ltd.


We decided to leave these on site hoping that someone can identify the pupils in the photos. If you can help just email us at

The 2009/2010 Credit Union Quiz was held in the Blackwater Centre on Friday, Jan 29th and there were two sections: one for under 11 and the second for 11 to 13 year old. It was a great learning experience and there was a great number of parents there to support their children. The winners of each of the sections will go forward to represent Emyvale and District in the next round.

On left is

St. Patricks Clara, winners of Section A (Under 11)

and on right we have Edenmore which came in 2nd. In the same section.

On left is

St. Patrick’s Corracrin

who finished 3rd in Section A and on Right is

St. Patrick’s Corracrin

who came out in 1st place in Section B

On left is Edenmore who finished in 2nd place in Section B and on right we have St. Patrick’s Clara who finished in 3rd place in Section B

Some of the Credit Union personnel who organised the event.

Below we have some of the other teams who participated and parents who attended.