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silver hill

Dinkins for Crocus

Crocus is an organisation which offers a host of services and supports for cancer patients and their families. It is a powerful place just to go there and chat with people who can understand your feelings because they have been there or because they are professionals as both are available. An understanding ear works wonders but there is also a great sense of peace and calm and a very positive atmosphere as well as all the organised talks and services available. It is an organisation that depends on voluntary contributions for its sustainability and the public has been very supportive. One of the most recent and indeed innovative events to raise funds was organised by Dinkins Upstairs led by Aprilanna Dinkin and her Mum, Roseanna Barker. They laid on two sittings of Afternoon Tea on Saturday, October 14th at 12 noon and 2.00pm. These were sold out very fast and a big crowd enjoyed the very tasty and mouth-watering plates of goodies served to them. Proceeds will be donated to Crocus. Well done to organisers and all who supported the event. I called in during the early sitting and recorded some of the people present. One young person thought sleep was more important and another young man was enjoying the whole idea.

Mary Callery and Michelle Moffett, Crocus, with Roseanna and Aprilanna.