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silver hill

Eire Óg V Currin

One of the best games of football I have been at in recent years was the Junior Football League game between Eire Óg and Currin played in the Eire Óg grounds on Friday July 7th. This was a fast committed game played by both sides with utmost earnestness from start to finish. There was little in it but Currin did become dominant in the closing stages and finished with a score of 2 - 20 to Eire Óg's 1 - 19 but it was their extra bit of fitness to stay the hour and their experience that paid dividends for Currin. Eire Óg have a number of young talented players with plenty of skills and more experience will make them into excellent footballers while Currin had seasoned players to gain the upper hand on the day. Well done to both teams for an exciting and enjoyable game. Emyvale was represented by having referee and umpires from the Emyvale club, all of whom carried out their duties well. My thanks to Eire Óg officials for making me welcome and for their hospitality at half time.