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Entente Florale  Judges

The details of the Entente Florale competition can be seen HERE and the judges arrived in Glaslough on Wednesday, July 5th, met with the local committee and settled in for the night. At 8.45am on Thursday they arrived at the Oakland Recreation Centre for the raising of the Entente Flag which was performed by Chairman of the Judging panel, Martin Wagner. Local children under the direction of Packie McGee greeted all with a beautiful rendition of Beautiful Glaslough. Also there were the Mayors of Monaghan and Monaghan Municipal District, Cathy Bennett and Paudge Connolly and a good number of locals. The panel was then taken inside for a briefing session conducted by Gareth Corrigan, Louise Smith and Shirley Clerkin, Monaghan Heritage Officer. This was followed by a tour of the area which included The Allotments; The Oakland and the biodiversity gardens and the Coach House garden; the Telephone Kiosk; The Village Housing estate; Walk through the town noting the various important aspects; Ambledown Cottage where Ice cream was served by Jeremy; Barrack Hill; Horse Pond; then on to the Bus to Railway crossing; Glennan churches; Glaslough Villa pitch; St. Mary's NS where Mark Macklin, Principal and children introduced the Judges to all the projects they have developed over the years including the Polytunnel; The Housing estates as we passed to the Wetlands project where they were given full details of its development and successful operation. It was back then to The Castle where Sammy and Gardeners gave a description of buildings and gardens and lake; then to the Lodge, where the judges went into private consultation among themselves while the rest of the entourage enjoyed tea/coffee and scones Courtesy of Sammy Leslie, who had given various additional very interesting information of various aspects of the development of Glaslough and the Castle throughout the tour. After an hour or so the Judges met the organising committee and gave a broad summary of their conclusions and expressed their happiness with what the saw and learned about the work being done in the area. They were particularly impressed with the Community involvement aspect, which is a very important part of the competition and with the cooperation and involvement of the County Council. Officials from the Council had accompanied the Judges on their tour. The judges also offered a few pointers as to how some of the projects might be moved forward. All then moved to the Oakland where Monaghan Co. Co. provided a very tasty and enjoyable meal for all involved. However on the way there was a quick call to the Coach House where they sampled Guinness and there was plenty of hilarity there. After the meal presentations were made to the Judges and they presented the Committee with an Entente Florale Medal. There were also presents for the leaders of the project and Glaslough's work for the competition. Immediately afterwards the Judges departed for Abbeyleix. This is a very brief summary of the Judging and of the activity and the people involved, and I have likely unintentionally omitted something and someone,  but hopefully it has given you a flavour of the day and the massive achievement this has been for Glaslough and those involved in such a prestigious competition. Well done to all - it was a very impressive presentation throughout and one that you can all be proud of. Our pictorial display here may not be in exact order of the day but I tried to get as much in as possible.