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silver hill

Faith and Light Celebrate

Faith and Light was founded in 1971 by Jean Vanier and Marie Helene Mathieu. It is an International Christian community movement bringing together people with a learning disability, their families, carers and friends. It recognises that everyone has gifts to offer – the ability to welcome others with love and affection and a gift of Celebration. The communities meet regularly to pray, to share and to celebrate together. Friendships are formed and groups link to share outings and pilgrimages. Faith and Light is celebrating 45 years this year and the various groups in the Clogher Diocese got together in Urbleshanny for their celebration on Sunday, October 9th. They held a religious ceremony in the Church during which all participated and performed producing a very uplifting and spiritual experience. All then retired to St. Mary's Complex for food and refreshments. All enjoyed a great buffet with loads of choice to suit all tastes. Then it was entertainment with music song and dance and as always we were given a lesson in how to enjoy the beautiful things in life. It was a pleasure to meet them - some of whom I meet regularly and others occasionally and some I met for the first time and all had big smiles on their faces reminding me of one of their songs:
A smile is something when you give it away, give it away, give it away.

A smile is something when you give it away….it comes right back to you

It’s like a shiny penny, hold on tight and you won’t get many,

lend it, spend it, give it away … comes right back to you.

Some of the local founding members

Some of the present leaders