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silver hill

Silverhill Garden Centre

The development of a Garden Centre at the Aughnacloy end of Emyvale village is a welcome addition to the other businesses in the town. It is situated beside the Silverhill Farm Shop and there is off street parking. It is fully stocked with a huge variety on offer. It is ideally placed to assist any business or household wishing to embellish their buildings for the Tidy Towns competition and all at very reasonable prices.

Some gardens and patios can be bland and dull but can be enhanced by the addition of a simple structure like one of the two shown here. The design and size will depend on the space available but it is worth considering something like this to have a centre piece or a corner feature to embellish that space.

Natural hedging is now the preferred option for boundaries and you can take your pick from a huge number of different kinds. Portuguese Laurel has become a favourite with many but there are others. It is important to select a plant, which will be easy to maintain and will not grow wild within a short space of time. Climbing shrubs are another option to beautify a boundary wall or fencing.

No garden is complete without shrubs and there are so many to choose from that it can be confusing at times. However it is important to remember size and how big they will grow when mature. Again the Garden Centre has a wide range and shrubs to suit all sizes of gardens.

Larger gardens will want larger trees and there is a big number to choose from. Again think of the eventual size of the tree, both its spread and its height, before you select. Indeed the choice of a tree or shrub as a present on a special occasion can be a lovely gift and something to recall the event year after year. It will always carry its memories for you.

Another type of present, which so many people love to get, is a potted plant, either the flowering kind or one with lovely foliage colour.  You can purchase ready-filled pots or have a pot filled to order. Some families like to place a potted plant on the grave of a loved one or the family plot. This can be more economical than fresh flowers, which die away very quickly.

Hanging baskets are available and again you can purchased a ready-filled one or have some filled to order. Silverhill Garden Centre has a variety of baskets ready to hang. You will have a wide range of flowers to choose from in Silverhill Centre, from bedding plants to some of the taller variety, including roses.

Fruit, herbs and vegetables are all back on the menu for many people due to their beneficial health qualities. Not only do they produce edible food but can add colour and variation to a garden.  You can have the taller apple and pear trees or the smaller currant and gooseberry bushes for example to suit the area in which they are being planted.

Vegetables and herbs do not require huge space and herbs can be grown in window boxes. It is a bonus if the herbs and vegetables are close to the house for picking when required as it is lovely to be able to pick fruit and vegetables fresh when needed. Silverhill has a huge selection of all of these and John Joe can give you all the advice you need.

Silverhill Garden Centre is certainly worth a visit.