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silver hill

Glasformation Week 5

Operation Glasformation Week 5 kicked off on Sunday 18th at 8am at Emy Lake. This was probably the best weather we had so far. It was great to see new faces out for this session where Gavin pushed us every step of the way. He’s a tough task master!!

Declan and Sara took us on Monday night to add more steps to our jiving and line dancing. It’s great when we can put all the steps together but it takes some serious concentration.

On Tuesday night Gavin and Micheal had big numbers out for a tough speed interval session. It is brilliant to see those people who started out as walkers 5 weeks ago now running and doing the hill runs.

Wednesday night Adam had another packed class in the Oakland Centre for our weekly circuit class. This is a great class which Adam will be continuing on after the Operation Glasformation has finished

Thursday night we arrived in Glaslough for our 5K training but Micheal had other ideas. We were sent out on a fast run around Hoeys to get our legs prepared for the Glaslough Road Race finished with a few laps in the village. Everyone was clearly wrecked after it but it showed the effort put in by everyone.

Friday night Marina took us for a yoga class that was well needed and deserved after the last few nights. It’s a great class to finish up the week and Marina is an excellent instructor.


This week is our final week and we are preparing for the Glaslough Road Race on Sunday. Hopefully the weather won’t affect our classes and training this week.

The Road Race begins at 1.30 on Sunday, can everyone please meet at the monument at 1pm for the warmup. All Operation Glasformation members are invited to our presentation night in Wright’s at 7.30pm on Sunday night.