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silver hill

Civic Reception for Glaslough

To recognise their wonderful achievement of being awarded Gold in the 2017 Entente Florale competition Monaghan County Council granted a Civic Reception to Glaslough at a ceremony held in the Four Seasons Hotel, Monaghan, on Monday, November 6th 2017. Councillors, Council staff and a host of representatives from Glaslough gathered in The Clara Suite for the event. Ms. Carmel Thornton, Monaghan Co Co. conducted the formalities and introduced the various speakers. First was Mayor of Monaghan, Cathy Bennett, who had accompanied the party to Slovenia where the results were announced and the Gold Award presented to the group from Glaslough. Unfortunately she announced that 'what happened in Slovenia stays in Slovenia' as they obviously had a great time and made a huge impression on the locals and the representatives from the other 12 countries involved. The Mayor congratulated them on the great honour they had brought to the area and to Monaghan and Ireland. She highlighted the involvement of the committee responsible in the preparation and presentation of the region to the judges. Chielf Executive of Monaghan County Council, Eamonn O'Sullivan, added his words of praise and congratulations and thanked the people responsible for their work, commitment and generosity. In reply Louise Duffy, thanked the Council and its staff for the excellent cooperation and support given to Glaslough both physically and financially. She thanked the people of Glaslough who had worked tirelessly over the years in building up a wonderful pride in Glaslough and she thanked the Council for the Civic Reception. The Mayor and CEO then made a presentation of a framed Scroll to representatives of Glaslough after which all enjoyed refreshments.