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Harriers Support Entente Florale

Glaslough is one of two towns in Ireland selected to represent the country in the International competition known as Entente Florale. See more HERE To show support and to help promote the competition Glaslough Harriers decided to set up a photo opportunity for its members at their training grounds, the old sportsfield, in Emyvale. They used the members to make a picture of the Entente Florale logo with twelve flowers around in a circle, inside which is the name - Entente Florale Europa. Now they were unable to make all the letters so they have E F E in the centre and twelve flags representing the twelve countries who have entered. It was a huge undertaking to get everyone, especially small children, to do what was required and to stay put for the photo. To gain maximum impact they took an aerial photo, by Colin Colleran, and it will be used to promote the competition. Well done to all.

The planning stage

Athletes training and organising committee getting prepared.

Making the letters E F E. Lucky the ground was dry!

Nearly there.

The drone moves in to take the photo. Is Colin a good pilot?

Right - committee into photo now.


'Peter will you lie down and keep quiet'.


'I will if you do Eamonn'

Right Colin - we are ready.



'Who is that snoring?


Ooh, its Eamonn'.

'That's it - well done everyone but now for something different. Lets all get into a huddle and look up'.