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silver hill

Knockatallon Cycle.

As part of the Hooley in the Heather festival at Knockatallon the committee organised a Cycle and a Walk and a Run on Saturday, June 11th and the proceeds are going towards the provision of defibrillators in the Tydavnet parish. We all know how important it is to get immediate medical attention when one suffers a heart attack and since the official response is a fair distance from the areas of Tydavnet Parish and will not arrive within a few minutes having volunteers trained in the use of the Defibrillators and having the Defibs close at hand can ensure that early assistance can be given and maintained until the paramedics arrive. Unfortunately communities who want to have this voluntary response available must fund-raise the money needed and with this in mind the people of Tydavnet organised these events. The weather on Saturday morning was far from clement but it did dry up to heavy showers as the day progressed and it depended where one was as some areas remained shower free. However this did not deter a big crowd of cyclists head off with some doing the 100k route and others satisfied to complete the 50k route. Many challenged themselves and were very satisfied when they completed the 100k. Cycling has certainly become a major interest in Monaghan county and a number of the cycling clubs were represented with a big number of their cyclists and these included Killylough, Emyvale and Clones Clubs. Well done to all who participated and to all, who worked behind the scenes including the motorbike outriders, the marshals and the food providers.