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Leslies At War

For some months now, and coming near an end, there has been a terrific exhibition of the Leslie Family from Glaslough in Monaghan County Museum. It has a huge collection of memorabilia and artefacts from a number of centuries past and traces the history of the Leslie family both in Glaslough and many other centres around Europe. Then some weeks ago Sir Jack gave an inspiring and interesting talk on his life and times and the packed house really enjoyed the event. Then this week, to another packed house on Monday August 25th, Mark Leslie gave a talk on the Leslies at War. Mark is son of the late Desmond Leslie and Agnes Burnell and nephew of Sir Jack. This was a more intimate look at the lives of a number of members of the family - their lives and loves. Included were Anita, Bill King, Sir Jack, Desmond and Agnes, and Winston Churchill. World War II was a hectic time for members of the family and all were involved in the War in some shape or form. The war also brought many of them to meet their future partners. However the time in the Museum was limited as 90 minutes was just sufficient to whet ones appetite and a need to hear more. There was certainly a lot more to tell about all of the characters and Mark admitted that the story is still not complete and he intends to get the full story. It was a great night of storytelling as Mark has the gift of language and a very enjoyable way of spending time. The Exhibition is coming to an end soon and it is well worth a visit.