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Maisie Rooney Retires

Maisie Rooney has been part and parcel of every event taking place in St. Patrick's Church, Corracrin, for the past 12 years as Sacristan in the Church there. Prior to that from the mid-nineties she had been helping out on a voluntary basis when required but became the full-time Sacristan about 12 years ago. Sunday, August 28th was her final day on duty for the Sunday Mass and at the end of the Eucharist the celebrant and Parish Priest, Fr. Hubert Martin, made a presentation of Waterford Glass to her to mark the occasion. He, on behalf of the priests and people of Donagh Parish, thanked her for her dedicated service to the Parish, and to St. Patrick's in particular, for the past 20 years. He stated that she was much more than a Sacristan in that she was caretaker, coordinator of gift bearers, director of readers, coach to the altar servers, assistant to the Altar Society and was the first to arrive and the last to leave. She always ensured that everything was in order and ready for whatever celebration was being held and that the church was safe and secure afterwards. She always planned ahead and had everything required ready. She was instrumental in organising a cleaning and maintenance routine for the church especially since the refurbishment in 2010. Indeed Fr. Martin stated that the architects involved called into the church recently and were amazed that it was still as fresh, clean and pristine as it was immediately after the refurbishment. Fr. Martin expressed the appreciation of the people of Donagh to Maisie and said that she had given sterling service to the Parich and had left a headline for us all. He ended by wishing God's Blessing on her and her family and prayed that God would reward her for her generosity of spirit over so many years. Maisie in reply thanked Fr. Martin for his kind words and expressed her appreciation to all the people with whom she worked and interacted with over the years which included priests, altar servers, readers, gift bearers, altar society, choir, and individuals and families in preparation for baptisms, weddings and funerals. She also made it clear that she would still be in attendance in St. Patrick's for Sunday Masses and other events and would continue to take her turn as reader but she could relax as she would not have any responsibility. She then handed over the Key of St. Patrick's to her successor, Ciara McQuaid, and offered her support any time it might be required. We would like to be associated with Fr. Martin's words of thanks and appreciation to Maisie and wish her health and happiness to enjoy her free time in the years ahead.