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silver hill

March Art Network

Entertainment, amusement, performance, fun, knowledge, information, socialising - where can you get them all on the same night, in the same place within a couple of hours - in the Markethouse on the last Wednesday of every month at the Monaghan Arts Network Showcase. Four artists of various interests and disciplines perform each night and demonstrate their talents to a very appreciative audience. The March Showcase was no different as once again the four artists displayed a very high level of competence in their chosen field. The show was introduced by Dara McGabhann and the Master of Ceremonies was Lorcan McGrane, a top class comedian. First on stage was Packie McDonald, joined by fiddlers Martin Livingstone. Packie is no stranger to stages in Monaghan and all over as he performs with his guitar and self composed songs telling a story and usually about an event in his life. He released is first album in 2013 which had original country folk songs.He has another album in production at the moment. Next up was Dara McCluskey, who gave us a brief but very interesting history sketch of the use of Gothic architecture in Monaghan in the form of clips from a film he recently made of the subject. On film the story is told by Architectural Historian, Kevin Mulligan, and Monaghan County Council heritage Officer, Shirley Clerkin. Told in layperson language this film, as Dara's presentation, would make one become more conscious of the buildings in a town or country. The usual social interval came next and very tasty finger food was served up while chatting and socialising abounded. The second half was given to us by Wenday Boonstra, who from Holland has made Monaghan her home. She is very interested in antiques and nature and this second likely led her to become a flower arranger using nature and indeed old bits and pieces to produce elaborate and seasonal decorations. While she chatted and told us her story she created and Easter Wreath for a friend and it looked so easy as it unfolded and became a beautiful decoration. Last item was Kevin McAdam who is an electronic musician using a selection of various electronic apparatus and including recordings. It can be a haunting experience but even for the non-musical type, there is wonderment at his ability to create the sounds and beats which he demonstrated at the Showcase. Well done to all, including the ladies who supplied the finger food but mainly to the Arts Network Committee who give artists this opportunity to display their talents and allow the public to enjoy their performances.