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Update on Fr. John

June 22nd 2017: Sending you also two photos of some of  the children who came with the choir from the UN camps to sing in the Parish Church on Sunday – over a hundred of them came. Afterwards we gave them juice and biscuits and for some of them it would have been the first time in 4 years that they had got juice. They were delighted with themselves.


June 20th 2017: Greetings. We had a very nice day celebrating African Child Day in the UN camps on last Saturday. In the school that we are supporting  there are over 700 displaced children and they marched carrying banners and singing songs in praise of education.

We are  starting this week to give computer courses to some of   the older boys and girls from  the camp so that they will have some skills for life when they are able to leave the camps.

We are also continuing with food distribution to villages and people who are most in need.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support.  John



May 30th 2017: Greetings from Juba, South Sudan. All going on well for me here. Enjoying my work in the U.N.camps. However he also give me links to two articles in the Irish Catholic in which he is interviewed about the situation on South Sudan and they are worth reading though might be upsetting. The links are:

Photos of the Choir.

African Child Day