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silver hill

Joggers Night Out.

The Jolly Joggers decided on a Night Out and asked secretary/convenor, Ann McMahon, to arrange a Night Out for members. Ann duly obliged and organised a get-together in the Village Kitchen, Emyvale, for a meal and then move to the Scarna Inn for a relaxing evening. The date fixed was Friday, April 13th. Sometime prior to the event Chief Executive,m Geraldine McAree, discovered that Ann had a Big Birthday coming up and so informed the other members that they would turn the Get-Together into a Birthday Party, for Ann, which happened. Ann got a big shock to walk in to the party she had organised to discover that it was her own Birthday Party.  Anyhow it added to the fun and all had a great night. The food, service and dining room of the Village Kitchen was excellent and great praise was lavished on Audrey and her staff for the fantastic meal and atmosphere. The fun continued in the Scarna until it was a reasonable hour for sensible ladies to return home. There was a demand that this type of night should be repeated as the Joggers is also a social group and not just all about running, jogging and walking. Lets hope they don't have to wait a year until Ann's next birthday.