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Nollaig na mBan 2018

Ladies representing six different Womens' Groups gathered together in the Four Seasons Hotel for the celebration of 2018 Nollaig na mBan. The groups involved included Dochas, Monaghan Womens Network, Rockcorry ICA, Tearmann, Monaghan American ladies, and U3A and of course the organisers - Emy Belles. It was a wonderful night of friendship and networking and enjoyed by all. They met, laughed, ate, drank. exchanged gifts and shared what each group was doing. Geraldine Watterson spoke on behalf of the Emy Belles and high lighted the crisis in our health services. She suggested that the best way for all is to avoid having to depend on the health services or having to go to the A & E by taking more care of our health and doing what can be done to decrease the possibility of having to seek help. This she said can be done by looking after our fitness - 'get out, join a group, walk, jog, dance, swim to get fit and stay healthy'. She also included the males in her advice and urged men to keep a good check on their health as early detection of problems makes it easier to treat and cure.  There are numerous groups involved in fitness regimes around North Monaghan and a choice of Gyms and types of fitness plans and it is easy to join and being a member of a group encourages one to keep going. 'Mental Health', said Geraldine, ' is also extremely important'. Mental problems are becoming more prevalent with modern living and isolation. Friendships are very important in maintaining mental stability and we all need friends with whom we can talk and share our worries and cares. Geraldine reminded all that keeping in touch and checking in with friends and neighbours is vital. The other groups gave a brief outline of the work they do and the reasons for its existence and this all added to the benefits of such a gathering. However there were plenty of laughs and plenty of stories making it a very enjoyable experience for all.