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silver hill

New Year's Eve in Chilli Lounge

We headed for the Chilli Lounge in Cavan for New Year's Eve meal and we were not disappointed. The Restaurant was full with every table occupied and the DJ was playing background music. I don't like that type of music played so loudly that one cannot converse in comfort and thankfully this man knew what he was at. I went around taking a few photos and chatting to some of the diners. Some were on a return visit and some there for the first time. All were complimentary of the food, the staff, the decor and the ambience of the Restaurant and stated that they would certainly be back. Indeed it was wonderful to see the mix of age groups enjoying the food from the pre-teens to the over 60's.  Raju and his staff had a cheerful smile for everyone and a friendly chat which always means so much to a customer to feel appreciated and welcome. I think that Chilli Lounge will have a major impact on the dining enjoyment for the people, not just from Cavan, but from a much wider area, as was evident on New Year's Eve. Before I departed I had an opportunity to see the top chef, Ali, and he wad delighted with the compliments I offered him from the customers I had spoken to. He and his staff certainly know how to please our taste buds. Of course it was great to meet with Mohun, Hira and Mukul again too and I wish them all a very successful 2018 and look forward to another visit in the not too distant future.


Chilli Lounge Opening Night ...  HERE