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Knockconan NS Park and Stride

The children and staff of Knockconan NS participated in the Schools Park and Stride programme on Wednesday, April 25th 2018 when they all travelled on foot from St. Mellan’s to their school in the Blackwater Centre. The health benefits gained from walking have grown in importance in recent years. Years ago children had little alternative to walking to and from school and it was also much safer than it is today. However the present generation of young people is missing out on the exercise and health benefits gained from the daily walk to and from school and this needs to be gained through other types of activity. The safety factor must really be taken into the equation as it requires constant vigilance, even for adults, to walk in safety along the roadways, main or otherwise, due to the heavy traffic using those same roads. All safety precautions were taken on Wednesday as the walking area was coned off, the Gardai were present to slow and warn traffic, and the staff were interspersed and ever vigilant of a straying child. All reached school safely and feeling good from the exercise and the fresh air and, who knows, it might give some of them a liking for exercise and walking.