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Patsy's Cycling Museum

Sunday, October 1st was a special day in the Brady Cycling Museum as the feats of Sean Kelly and Stephen Roche were celebrated with special emphasis on the huge achievement of Stephen Roche exactly 30 years ago by winning the three major competitions – Tour de France, Giro and World Championships. He was the second cyclist to achieve the Triple Crown of Cycling, the first being Eddie Merckx. But 1987 was a great year for Stephen as he amassed quite a few other top class wins. The Brady Museum was open for the afternoon and a good crowd of people, with an interest in cycling, paid a visit and marvelled at the exhibition and cycling paraphernalia which Patsy has on display from jerseys, to water bottle, to posters, to Books and magazines.

Patsy has been a keen cyclist from a young age and one day while out cycling with the great John Colton in the late ‘60’s they called at the home of another great cyclist, the late Seamus Cadden. Seamus was busy in his workshop at his carving craft but on the wall he had a huge poster of a famous Italian cyclist Felice Gimondi. This gave Patsy an idea and in 1984 when he was married, had house and garage built, he decided to convert the garage into a Museum, where he would store all the cycling material he could get his hands on. His collection has been added to regularly since then but currently it is mainly displaying a tribute to the fabulous careers of Sean Kelly and Stephen Roche. Indeed it is likely the only tribute being paid to Roche in this special year to recall his massive achievements of 1987. Irish Cycling has lived through a marvellous period of success internationally as well as nationally with the result that Cycling has become a major sport outstripping many of the more well-known sports as far as participant numbers are concerned and Kelly and Roche are central to all that. Patsy was honoured that both cyclists have paid a visit to his Museum and were thrilled with what they saw there. But the collection covers many others who became household names in cycling like Pat McQuaid and Phil Liggett.

On Sunday, October 1st another famous Cyclist, Jim Maguire, called while I was there and I have an interview with him below. He complimented Patsy on what he has done to record and have for posterity such a collection of material. This is history which could be lost in the passage of time but Patsy has gathered it together in such a way that it can be handed on to the next generation. If you were unable to call on Sunday, you could make an appointment with Patsy and he will open it for you. He is very thankful to his friend, Austin Walsh, from Drogheda, who gave him the loan of some fantastic posters for the occasion. Our congratulations to Patsy on his great work and making sure that Cycling greats and the history of Irish Cycling will not be forgotten in the mists of time. This is the second major work coming from the Brady Museum this year as it honoured another great earlier, namely Tom Simpson, on which we carried the story HERE

jim maguire.mp3

Click on Jim Maguire's image here to hear the interview.