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Pillar House Cup 2017

Pillar House Fly-Fishing Competition.

Sunday, August 20th was a good fishing day on Emy Lake with little sunshine and plenty of cloud-cover and a nice breeze producing a good wave on the surface water. However August is a challenging month for fly-fishing as the May fly season is over and it can be difficult to attract the trout to the sedges and the Daddy Long Legs. Artificial representations of Freshwater Crustaceans can be very successful when trout are feeding on or close to the lake bed and this can work well when shore fishing.

Sunday’s competition was confined to Club Members Only and shore fishing only and started at 2.00pm and ending at 6.00pm. Eighteen adults and one Juvenile took part. Quite a number of fish were caught but there was a Two-fish kill policy applying and only the biggest were kept. When the end came all retired to the Pillar House Hotel, Glaslough, where the catches were weighed and the winners announced. Adrian McKenna of the Pillar House Hotel presented the prizes as follows: Heaviest Fish (3lb.2oz.) Dick Kiernan who received the Pillar House Cup; Heaviest Bag (3lb. 8oz) to Robert Keane; and Heaviest Bag Runner up (3lb.6oz)  – John McNally. Chairman, Albert Berry, thanked all for taking part and congratulated the winners. He thanked the Pillar House Hotel for their support and generosity to the club and he thanked the club officers for their work.  He then invited all to enjoy the refreshments served by the Hotel and the chat went on and the fishy stories abounded.

Adrian McKenna, Pillar House Hotel, Glaslough, presents the Pillar House Cup to Dick Kiernan, who won the Heaviest Fish at the Fishing competition on Emy Lake last Sunday. The fish weighed in at 3lb.6oz. Also in picture is Albert Berry, Chairman of Emy and District Anglers, who organised the competition.  Pic: Peadar McMahon

Robert Keane accepts his prize from Adrian McKenna, Pillar House, Glaslough, as winner of the Heaviest Bag in the Pillar House Cup fly-fishing competition organised by Emy And District Anglers on Emy Lake last Sunday, August 20th. Also in picture are: from left - Jimmy Skinnader, Club Treasurer; Adrian McKenna, Robert Keane, Albert Berry, Club Chairman, and Martin McKenna, Club PRO. Pic: Peadar McMahon.

Adrian McKenna, Pillar House Hotel, Glaslough, presents John McNally with his prize as Runner-up in the Heaviest Bag competition in the Pillar House Fly-fishing competition organised on Emy Lake on Sunday August 20th by Emy and District anglers. Also in the picture are - Jimmy Skinnader, Club Treasurer; Albert Berry, Club Chairman; Martin McKenna, Club PRO and Dick Kiernan, Club Secretary. Pic: Peadar McMahon