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silver hill

Rose of Tralee

My goodness but time is just flying past and already the search for the 2017 Monaghan Rose has begun. Monaghan has always been well represented in this competition but the crown has never come this way. Last year Pamela Allen was a fantastic representative for Monaghan and she reached the Tralee stage. The winner in 2016 was Chicago Rose, Maggie McEldowney, and she has been touring Ireland these past few days and launching the various Rose competition locations. On Thursday, January 5th she was in Monaghan and the local committee with Pamela escorted her during her time in the county. She was given a bird's eye view of Monaghan town when she was taken on high by McNally's cranes and it was a lovely mild evening for this. She then arrived at the Four Seasons Hotel where members of the public had gathered to give her a big welcome. She chatted to all and spoke individually to the young ladies who had come to meet her. Both she and Pamela gave their views on the Rose of Tralee competition and encouraged young ladies to enter the competition this year. Details of the local selection process will be announce shortly and the Rose of Tralee festival is set for 16th to 22nd August 2017. So watch out for the details and all you eligible young men - get ready to put yourself forward as an escort. It seems to be a fantastic experience for the girls and for the escorts and well worth being involved in it. Hopefully we will keep you up to date here. It was lovely meeting Maggie on Thursday and she came across as a beautiful person in looks and demeanour - a top class winner.