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silver hill

Tydavnet Show 2017

Time surely travels fast and one year blends into the next with a frightening speed. I'm sure the members of the Tydavnet Show committee are well aware of the speed of time as they are no sooner finished with one year's show when they find themselves in the thick of preparation for the next show. Last week the AGM of the committee was held in Urbleshanny and judging from the number in attendance there is great support among the community and plenty of willing hands to help out in the organising of the show. Of course on the day lots more willing hands will be required but the people of Tydavnet rightly take a great pride in their show and are proud of the Show tradition which has been built up over the decades. No doubt every effort will be made to make 2017 equally as good as previous shows and indeed every effort will be made to make it even better still through new items on the programme and innovative ways of doing things. Then sponsors are needed to support the different parts of the programme and again that has always been there with great input from local businesses. It is a mammoth task and a daunting one but with such an experienced committee they know what has to be done and will do it as committees have done for years. We wish them well and we hope that God will ensure that they get good weather on the day. After the AGM we took this photo of those present for the meeting and also of the hand-over of the Presidential Medal by outgoing President, Patricia Hughes, to in-coming President Mary Sherry. We wish Mary a successful year and as they say - 'behind every woman there is a good man' or something like that but she will have plenty of support in her role.