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silver hill

Speed Indicators

There will be no excuse now for anyone breaking the speed limit on Emyvale Main Street as on the Aughnacloy and Monaghan approach roads the Council have erected Speed Indicators, somewhat similar to this one shown here,  which we feel will draw the attention of drivers as they come to the village and warn them when they are over the limit. It tells you what speed you are doing and what speed you should be doing and hopefully drivers will take heed when it says to 'slow down'. It is an added deterrent to stop speeding down and up our now very smooth Main Street. There is a White Line down the middle of the Street and I am finding that some lorries, and one company in particular, are forcing their way through and that very often I have to swerve to avoid them coming half on my side of the roadway and coming at speed and indeed at times with the driver on the phone. There are other times when I pull in to allow a lorry continue up or down and I am disappointed when the driver does not give me a simple acknowledgement that I have given him right of way.


The Road Markings are not finished yet and the sign remains at the bridge. Hopefully that work will be completed very soon. Some householders along Main Street are being blocked from taking their cars out or in to the rear of the house. The Yellow boxes need to be put back where they were prior to the resurfacing. As well we need the word 'BUS' placed in the parking box at the Leisure Centre to indicate that that space is for the Bus Stop as otherwise the Bus has to stop right in the middle of the street to allow passengers on and off the bus. I have also been told that checks will be made on people who park in non-parking areas e.g. close to corners and near the Pedestrian Lights.


There is also some remedial work being done to the footpath at the top of the town at Shaw's Corner. I am not sure the reason but we will watch with interest. We are aware that local inhabitants have a serious problem entering and exiting their property due to the closeness and location of the island in the middle of the road. This has been brought to the attention of the authorities and hopefully that will be attended to now when the other works are on-going.


Speaking of phones in cars and lorries - It appears that the habit of making /taking calls, sending texts and posting to social media while driving has increased by 30% in the last two years in the UK. I do not know if any research has been done in Ireland but by standing on Main Street it is amazing the number who travel through the village on the phone and driving at speed at the same time and young ladies and lorry drivers seem to be the worst offenders. It also seems that some new cars on the market have touch-screen controls on their dash-screen to control radio, music, navigation, car heat etc etc and this is being objected to by campaigners who say that it is just the same as using the phone. I would go so far as to say that the in-car phones are just as bad as once your mind is occupied to listen to someone telling you something and you are thinking of the answer then your mind is not where it should be - on the road and surroundings. I also think that radio and TV interviewers should not be allowed to interview people while they drive along. You see it very regularly and I had to do it myself for RTE once regarding the hospital when they wanted to see the distance from a certain point to the Monaghan Hospital gates and I was expected to drive and also answer their questions at the same time - very difficult and dangerous. However watch out for such a situation on TV and ask yourself how much attention the driver is giving to the road and his driving.