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St. Patrick Celebrations in Corracrin NS 2018

The Junior and Senior Infant classes in St. Patrick's National School, Corracrin, took part in their annual St. Patrick's Day Parade, accompanied this year by the only snake St. Patrick failed to banish from Ireland! Dressed in their green attire for "Lá Glas" they marched and sang around the school, accompanied by Sharon Corrigan and Annette Morgan on the accordian.

To coincide with this, Second Class had a "Chinese New Year" parade to celebrate the heritage of Anthony Xiao, who is in their class. Lots of hard work was put in beforehand investigating Chinese customs, the history of the Willow Tree pattern and making the large dragon, which was the central focus of their parade. As it is the Year of the Dog they were delighted when Stephanie Jebb and Seán Corrigan brought in their dogs to take part in the parade. The children sang and marched around the school with great gusto and brought a colourful aspect to the St. Patrick's Day celebrations. This was a terrific learning experience for the pupils as well as being great fun and they all seemed intent on making it a huge success which it was.


Meanwhile 4th class, Scoil Naomh Pádraig, Corracrin, is participating in the Our World Irish Aid Awards 2018.  Irish Aid is the Irish Governments aid programme to fight poverty on behalf of all the people of Ireland. Climate change is a major issue in our world and, especially, affects farmers in Developing countries i.e months of drought followed by floods leading to hunger and poverty. In order to combat global warming, we must continue to reduce, reuse, recycle!  The children in 4th class conducted a survey revealing the 15 most common items in their waste bins then researched alternative uses for these items and so began their upcycling project, "Twice Upon a Time".  Tetra cartons became handbags, toilet roll tubes were transformed into purses, plastic bottles and Kinder Egg capsules became Victorian 'Cup and Ball' games and much much more. Another great fun activity but full of learning along the way!  We have some images of this at the bottom of the page.