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Monaghan Stages Rally 2017.

The launch of the 2017 Monaghan Stages Rally took place in the Four Seasons Hotel on Friday, March 31st with a very big crowd i attendance. The 2017 Rally and Monaghan Motor Club will be sponsored by the Four Seasons Hotel, reconnecting a 22 year gap from its previous sponsorship for the club. Chairman of the Club, Conor Maguire, stated how delighted all are with the Four Seasons on board and thanked Frank McKenna and staff for their hospitality and assistance in so many ways. We have a Podcast with Conor below. Clerk of the Course, Tom Treanor, stated that all is ready to go and he is looking forward to a good Rally with three excellent stages. He should know as he has been a participant in the Monaghan Rally for nearly 15 years and knows what makes for a good rally. The one thing that all speakers stressed was the huge army of helpers available to plan, prepare, implement and complete a rally such as Monaghan and thanks was expressed to all of them. Thanks was also expressed to all the Rally drivers and navigators who participate and to those from other clubs who had travelled to attend the launch. A draw was held for those present with free Entry to the Monaghan Rally as Prize. At the launch Sean McCaffrey interviewed a selection of drivers and navigators for their thoughts and hopes, all of which was interesting and entertaining. Spectator safety was stressed and the message went out loud and clear - safety is paramount and everyone is asked to obey marshals and to be aware of their own safety at all times. Refreshments were served and the chatting continued and all are looking forward to Rally Day on Sunday, April 23rd. We have podcasts from Tom Treanor, Conor Maguire and Niall Maguire. Click on their images and hopefully you will hear what they had to say.