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Tidy Towns

Tidy Towns Results

Below we publish the Official report on Emyvale’s adjudication this year and two images from the presentations made. We also publish extracts from the County Tidy Town’s Network statement and we will add our own comments later. In the meantime our congratulations to Emyvale and Glaslough on their successes.


1042    Emyvale   Monaghan   C  35

Community Involvement & Planning / Rannpháirtíocht an Phobail & Pleanáil:

Emyvale is most welcome to the 2017 tidy towns competition. Many thanks for your entry form which included many photos to complement the text. This is an excellent way of showing the adjudicator the effectiveness of your work. There was a wonderful sense of energy coming from the pages and it is evident that great work is being done. You have a decently sized committee and active engagement with your local schools. In the few short years in which you have been active you have made phenomenal strides in achieving your goals, well done! You are wished every success with your community-centred hub and no doubt this will lead to bigger and better things. Your three-year plan was read with interest and contains many worthwhile actions. We look forward to an update on its progress in 2018. Your map could be improved upon. In addition to the main landmarks it should highlight the locations of key projects for this year. That said, this is a very good entry which is clearly and succinctly presented.


Built Environment and Streetscape / An Timpeallacht Thógtha agus Sráid-dreacha:

Your use of photos in this category is excellent. Well done for painting MacKenna's outhouse while the

enhancement of the parish field car park is a major lift for this area. The enterprise centre and the role of businesses here were looking very well on adjudication day. Similarly along Main Street many businesses were looking fresh and bright. Centra is an unfortunate exception. The blacking out of windows and pasting of walls with advertising posters detracts from the streetscape while Christmas decorations added to the untidy air. More Christmas decorations on the leisure centre should also be removed. The Scarna Inn was admired for its flags and abundance of flowers. Maybe the owners could be encouraged to repair the name sign which is missing some letters. The small doorway plaques, e.g. for market house and coach house, are interesting features and perhaps the basis for a heritage trail through the town.


Landscaping and Open Spaces / Tírdhreachú agus Spásanna Oscailte

There is a noticeable lack of trees along Main Street and perhaps this is a long-term project which you could work

on with Monaghan county council. Appropriate trees add shelter, dampen noise, absorb pollutants and give

wonderful year-round visual relief. Without them the Main Street is left looking rather bare. Well done for planting bluebells (assuming these were native bluebells and not the invasive Spanish variety). The completed loop walk at Emy Lough is a major amenity for the town, a fantastic addition that will no doubt be enjoyed by present and future generations. Similarly the new allotments and playground will bring multiple benefits. At the bridge you have planted begonias and these are very small plants which have little impact. Try to aim for a larger flowering shrubs in this location. Containers along the roadside near the farm shop are too large and so minimise the impact of the flowers here. Try smaller containers which are lower to the ground


Wildlife, Habitats and Natural Amenities

Your various surveys are a great way of raising awareness of the biodiversity in your area. These can be ongoing

and added to as new discoveries are made. How can you bring this information to a wider audience? Indeed how

can people participate in this endeavour? Your work, along with the anglers is raising awareness of water quality

and the importance of healthy rivers to our environment. This is excellent. Keep your focus here on awareness

raising events as this is such an important aspect of your heritage. Along the riverbank try to reduce the expanse of grass which is being maintained. This would give more space for nature while reducing quantities of cuttings (which are being inappropriately dumped near the water's edge).


Sustainable Waste and Resource Management

There are some interesting initiatives underway in the town. How is information shared, for example between the

poultry factory and the wider community? Do your schools take part in the green flag program? This is a most

important initiative which can act as a nucleus for ideas across the community. This can be a daunting area but try to pick a small number of ideas which can be applied broadly. For example home composting which can be used in your allotments. Or working with local retailers to reduce plastic packaging. For more helpful tips and case studies from other Tidy Towns entrants please take a look at


Tidiness and Litter Control

You have a well-defined system for maintaining litter control on roadways and this is excellent. Well done to

volunteers for their time in this. You also have organised cleanups and the photos show impressive volumes of

rubbish removed, hopefully this will be reduced the next time. You are applauded for tackling other tidiness issues around the town and do persevere in addressing problem areas, with Monaghan county council if needs be. Are there any long-term plans to remove overhead wires? Litter control on adjudication day was mostly good but some litter had gathered near the bus stop as well as the seating area near the river.


Residential Streets & Housing Areas

Many attractive homes were admired throughout Emyvale on adjudication day. One estate, across from Centra, has particularly nice houses but the entrance has been commandeered for the sale of used cars! This takes away from the civic space and should not be permitted. Oriel Park was admired for its cherry trees and neat verges. Nice to see new trees being planted here to replace the old. Gort an Chaibléara is another delightful enclave.


Approach Roads, Streets & Lanes

Beautifully maintained verges were admired on approach from Monaghan. There is no need to place containers of

flowers on these verges, pots are best reserved for where soil is not available. You are commended in your efforts to curtail cheap advertising signage as this degrades the shared public space. There are a lot of other ways for businesses to advertise their wares. New surfacing through the town creates an excellent impression, was there a missed opportunity to install traffic calming ramps etc?


TOTAL MARK  =   Maximum 450 - Mark achieved in 2016 - 254; Mark achieved in 2017 - 263


We won "The Waters and Communities National Award" sponsored by Inland Fisheries Ireland, Waterways Ireland and the Local authority Waters & Communities Office. We also were one of the runners-up in "The Sustainable Development Award" sponsored by Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment.


Extracts from County Network Statement:

It was another fantastic day to be from Co. Monaghan, sitting in DCU’s Helix theatre yesterday for the announcement of the results of this year’s National Tidy Towns awards.

Following on from their stunning gold medal in the Entente Florale Europe competition last week, Glaslough was shortlisted for the Top Village title, closed to within two points of the overall national title, and once more came home with the county title and retained their Gold Medal.

Carrickmacross were shortlisted in the four top small towns in Ireland, and also retained their Gold Medal. Monaghan retained their Silver.  Scotshouse achieved the Endeavour award for the entry in Co. Monaghan to have gained the most marks between 2016 and 2017 – congratulations!

The Toast of the county yesterday were Emyvale Tidy Towns, who took home a Highly Commended in the Sustainable Development award for their Emy Lough Looped Walk,  and WON the Waters & Communities Award thanks to the fantastic project led by Enda Fields out on Emy Lough, which involves monitoring the water quality with the help of tea bags!

Well done to everyone, and on behalf of the people of Co. Monaghan, thank you all very sincerely for the work you do all year round to help make our county the wonderful place it is to live.

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