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silver hill

Truagh V Carrickmacross Minors

Truagh played Carrickmacross minors in the Minor Division League game at St. Mellans on Tuesday, May 9th and managed to finish in front to go a step above their opponents in the League Tables. This was a game either team could have won as both sides were playing good football and both sides were making elementary mistakes. There was vagrant shooting by both sides but Carrickmacross missed too many chances. It was a good open game with man for man marking and plenty of good moves starting in defences and arriving in a scoring position quickly but many fell down at the final ask. Both defences played well and were difficult to penetrate but Truagh did leave their goalie exposed a couple of times and Carrick capitalised on those chances to send to the net. Truagh still had the edge and ended with a score of 0 - 16 to 2 - 8.