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silver hill

Updates from Fr. John

Update - November 28th 2017:  Greetings once again from South Sudan – happy to be back here after a successful few weeks of collecting the “small change boxes” around the Truagh area. Once again – I am very grateful to everyone for the continued support to our mission work here.


I had 98 Baptisms in the UN camp last Saturday – it was very well organised indeed and an uplifting occasion for the people in the camps - as the conditions here continue to deteriorate . . I am forwarding to you an article written by a brother Bill whom we work with quite closely here. (You can read the article HERE)Bill is in his 70’s and from Australia.  He also mentions in his article Sr. Orla – a  Loreto Sister from Bray -  who was recently awarded a Humanitarian Prize in Ireland  for her work with girls education in South Sudan.  She was interviewed on the Six One news.

Will be in touch again before Christmas.

Blessings.   John