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silver hill

Vinatge Rally 2017

'One of the biggest and the best inn the 30 years' is how many described the 2017 Vintage Rally held at Clontibret on Sunday, July 2nd. The weather stayed dry for the entire day, almost, as there was a slight shower in the afternoon but it only helped to settle the dust from the six working threshers all driven by tractors of different types and age. There was something for everyone in the field on Sunday with plenty to occupy the young and plenty for the adults to see. For some it brought back memories, and not all good memories but memories of hard work and tough times. For some it was the Lisdoonan and Sean McQuillan's re-enacted houses with all the vintage utensils and layout that brought them back to the years of childhood. For others it was the work of saving the hay, the thresher at the house and the boon of men to help, the tossing the lapping and the building the ricks of hay. For young and old, males especially, the old cars were a big attraction or maybe the old tractors, or the lorries, which transported the goods on poor roadways, or the motorbikes, or the stationary engines. Everyone loved the steam engines with their puffs of smoke and the whistle. But then those things were only part of the exhibitions on display as there was so much to see that it would take you two days to get around everything properly. There were competitions, there was music and dancing, there was food, there were horses, there were all sorts of animals and fowl, you could test your strength at the Clontibret GAA stand where they raised money for the club. There were stands where every kind of engine part could be bought as well as stands for clothing and equipment. It just went on and on and the crowds enjoyed it all. Well done to the organisers, Monaghan Veteran and Vintage Club, who have maintained the high standards set from day one of the Club over 30 years ago by Sean McArdle and Matt Hull. This year, as well as celebrating the 30th Rally they also held a special gathering of Ford Cars, tractors and lorries to commemorate the 100 years of Ford in Ireland. All in all a fantastic day.

The bicycle on the left here belonged to the Late Master Kelly and it was his mode of transport to Knockatallon NS, when he taught there.

Below is Teddy and Maureen Gillanders and friends at his magnificent Ford Model T which he had on display at the Rally.

This car above, and Teddy Gillander's, were highlights of the Rally as Michael Collins rode in this car when he was being taxied in Mullingar. James has it in mint condition.

John Keenan, Chairman of the IVETA, cuts the ribbon to declare the Rally Open. With him are: Sean McArdle, co-founder of the club; Marie Murnaghan, Monaghan Rose; Robert Patterson, Monaghan Vintage Club chairman; and Matt Hull, co-founder of the club.