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Emyvale V Tyholland IFL

Emyvale played Tyholland at Tully on Friday, June 26th in the Intermediate Football League. It was a grand evening for football and both sides were anxious to get the win. Emyvale wanted to stay at the top of the League Table and Tyholland wanted a few points to rise up the League. In the first quarter of the game Tyholland were quick to settle and took control of the centre and were putting the Emyvale defence under pressure. However during the second quarter Emyvale got into the game with good flowing movements and when McAllister blasted to the net the writing was on the wall for Tyholland. They did not give up however and continue to exert pressure but Emyvale went on to win 3 - 7 to 1 - 11. This leaves them with a two point advantage at the top of the table.