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silver hill

Big Tom Launches Wheelbarrow Run 2017

The date has been fixed as Sunday October 8th 2017 at 2pm with Sign-on at the Redboys fro1.00pm. Keep this date in your diary and the organisers are going for a place in the Guinness World Record book for the most wheelbarrows, so everyone is asked to get behind the event and make a great day of fun as it was last year. The Guinness Book of Records authorities have strict guidelines, regulations and procedures, which must be adhered to, if the event is to qualify but a couple of hundred people with barrows are needed to reach the figure necessary to establish a Record.  Proceeds go to Donagh Development with donations to Patient Comfort Fund at St. Mary's in Castleblayney and the Monaghan Cancer Treatment Support group. More details later. However last week the event was officially launched by the King of Country, Big Tom, and all the neighbours of Emy Lake were invited to attend. It wasn't Big Tom's first time at Emy as he spent many a day catching good fish on the Lake. He met up with his former companion on Emy, Pat Foley, and they recalled the great times. He also met with Leo McMahon and Pat Savage - Pat Owen, Leo's father, was a good friend of Tom's as was Pat Savage. Tom had time to chat to all and Pat McKenna presented him with copies of the two DVD's which were produced to promote the area - Traditions of Monaghan and Echoes and Scenes of Monaghan. Pat asked hi if he would have space on a shelf with all the other CD's and DVD's in his collection!! It had a good laugh. Big Tom wished the project success and was delighted to see the fantastic development of the walkway. He also hoped that there would be a good response to the sponsorship as one of the places to benefit is the Patients' Comfort Fund at St. Mary's in Castleblayney and he has a soft spot for that facility.