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silver hill

McCreedy Woodlands Reunion

The Reunion for the workers of McCreedy's/Woodlands took place in the Four Seasons Hotel on Friday, March 3rd. It was a lovely occasion with plenty of stories being exchanged and memories jogged. There was a cross section of workers present though some questioned the use of the word - 'workers'. There were characters recalled and a reunion of former workmates who have not seen each other for years. There was also a recall of all the people who worked there and have passed to their eternal rewards and thoughts of the huge number who were on the payroll at some stage during the 70 year history of the McCreedy workplace. Such was the intensity of the chat and camaraderie that it was difficult to get all to sit and enjoy the excellent supper served. The chatting went on and John, Martin and Mickey started up the band and some strutted their steps on the dance floor. Kevin and Ciaran added their singing talents to the programme by special request and a raffle was held for a big number of excellent prizes. There was a presentation to Ann Landers, nee Lavery, who is completing 50 years of loyal service to the McCreedy/Woodland/Gola organisation. Thanks was expressed to the organisers, led by Geraldine Mohan, and to all who helped to make it a great social night of nostalgia.