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silver hill

Woods Family

A couple of months ago members of the Woods family in PEI came to Emyvale, Monaghan, to try to discover some of their family tree. They made contact with me prior to their visit and I had done some preliminary work and had worked out a couple of possibilities. During their time here I acted as tour guide giving them the story of how PEI became a destination for so many emigrants from this area. We did make some progress on the Family Tree but they needed to delve a little more in PEI to make accurate links and this they intended to do. However they were delighted with their visit and with all they learned about Ireland, Monaghan, Emyvale, Glaslough and the Woods family. So much so that when they went back to PEI and told members of the family about the visit another family member wanted to come to this area to have the same experience as the brother. He, Earl, with wife, Cathy and two friends arranged to come here on Monday, October 2nd. They arrived and I took them around the area and they had a wonderful time and were delighted with all they saw and heard. They will hopefully go back to PEI and tell others that Monaghan is a good place to visit and there is plenty to see and enjoy. I enjoyed their company and their friendship and we will no doubt keep in touch.