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Edenmore History. A few weeks ago I learned that 5th Class pupils in Edenmore NS were gathering information about the school and that it might be printed into book form. They were under the direction of their teacher, Ms. Brogan, and they all seemed extremely excited about the project. They began by contacting everyone they learned had been a pupil of the school or knew some of the long history attached to the school over the years since 1912 and long before. They went through Roll Books for the school dating back a century and took note of any possible information they came across including the names of past pupils still alive. They contacted those and got their story and memories of school life from those times years ago. With every new piece of information the excitement grew and the will and want to continue the search was evident in every one of the pupils. I was one of those contacted and I gave them whatever information I could and supplied a few photographs. It was wonderful to see their commitment to the project. They had garnered so much information that it was then decided that it would have to be put together in Book form and so it happened. Then on Thursday, June 22nd 2023 they launched the Book and it went on sale for €7. It is available from the School Office and will be on sale in various shop outlets in the area. This is a book which will be a must read for all past pupils and it will bring back many memories for them as it has done for me. Our photos show the launch and the pupils and teacher involved. Well done to you all for a fantastic production which carries the story of Edenmore to future generations.