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This is a drama you should not miss as it will give you reason to laugh and enjoy. It has got great reviews from the venues already played and no doubt the Garage Theatre will resound with laughter when this drama appears on its stage on Friday 18th of November. For the large number of drama enthusiasts around Monaghan this will have an added attraction as it is directed by former Monaghan man, Kevin McEneaney. Kevin has graced the stages of St. Macartan’s, St. Louis Hall, and many other outlets in and around Monaghan and has also directed a number of productions on those and other stages in the area. He is also well known for his own performances in a variety of shows from deep drama to light comedy and has been a leading light in the theatre world since moving to Armagh. This production promises a very enjoyable night of entertainment as has been proven by the attendances at the various theatres where it has been staged. This is also a 1 Night performance in the Garage so make sure you get your ticket and get to enjoy this ‘hilarious comedy.